Revenue growth sends strong signal of high customer satisfaction, strong product acceptance and growing market share to financial markets and competition alike. Profitability may get manipulated by reducing discretionary cost or selling off assets.

Avenues help you design, implement and manage your sales activities. These include, sales process development, sales force structuring, GTM strategy and margin management. We also introduce best performance management systems that attract and motivate your sales team.

Account management and PR are integral part to the sales process. Sales tools including CRM and dashboard may add tremendous advantage to your business as you grow and expand.

Finally, we make sure your sales force understand and appreciates sales closure techniques; where they are not only measured on sales and profitability, but also on conversion and attach rates, up-selling and cross selling that reflect opportunity realization in any organization.

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To me, job titles don’t matter. Everyone is in sales. It’s the only way we stay in business.

Harvey Mackey