Dubai has been home and regional hub for most fortune 500 who benefited from its strategic location, the sophisticated infra-structure and business environment to branch out to other territories across Middle East and Africa.


A host city to EXPO 2020, Dubai is second to none to accommodate your business and provide you the chance to access one of the most growing regions on the globe. 


Avenues enjoy extensive channel network and can help international brand owners and service providers research, analyze, select and manage channels and distributors in the Middle East and Africa. Advantages of working with us include:


  • Gain Market-share: we help our clients to effectively channel their business through reliable network of distribution channel partners.
  • Increase Revenue: benefit higher growth markets to increase revenue and profit.
  • Distribution strategies: we design marketing and sales plans that suit each market for every product and service.  
  • Confidence: Build higher confidence in new markets through professional partner with market track record.
  • Risk mitigation: risk is well mitigated through closer proximity to the market and deployment of best practices


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