Q.How can Avenues help?

A. As an independent full cycle consulting firm, we assist companies and business owners to strategize their business to improve their prospects across the whole business cycle; be it the introductory stage, growth or maturity. We are a true partner in your journey to success, from inception to execution.

Q.Why you may consider our services?

A. There are numerous reasons to seek our consultancy services. The most notable ones are:
•   Get fresh outlook to your business.
•   Have professional advice on specific issues.
•   Assist Sr. Executives to meet their strategic objectives and corporate goals.
•   Validate metrics of strategic nature as growth, profitability, liquidity and returns.
•   Extend your management bandwidth and throughput.
•   Act as an interim director or Executive to your business.

Q.Is it cost effective to hire our services?

A. We provide value for money. Hiring our services will absolutely guarantee your best return on investment. Amongst others, we:
•   Serve you on contractual task or project basis, thus you have no long term obligations.
•   Charge you a reasonable fee that is substantially lower than the value we retain in your business.
•   Our Service is on-demand; no future hidden cost.
•   Your commitment is based on complete satisfaction to a job well done.

Q.What typical challenges that we address?

A. Avenues address stressing and emerging issues that challenges the management performance during the various business stages, such as:
•   Growth stagnation
•   Sales decline
•   Profitability erosion
•   Market share loss
•   Inadequate diversification
•   Limited exposure to new markets
•   Unbalanced risk profile
•   Decline operational efficiencies
•   Low business productivity
•   Talent acquisition and retention
•   Diminishing Return to Shareholders

Q.How do we price our services?

A. This is highly dependent on the scope of work, duration and location. Upon your request, we schedule a meeting to discuss and review your requirements. We assess your requirements and submit a written proposal defining the scope of work, fee structure and payment schedule.

Q.How AVENUES deals with confidentiality?

A. Before any work starts, we sign a NDA with our clients to get them the complete confidence that their data, information, operations and staff are well protected at all times.

Q.How we charge our clients?

A. AVENUES charge fees to its clients in one of three ways:


I- Retainer fees: for contractual long term engagement assignments.

II- Success fees: on services that cover business funding, M&A or selling a business.

III- Advisory fees: Block-of-Time (BoT) on shorter assignments based on scope, duration and location.