About US
Amer Khreino Amer Khreino

In today’s time, businesses are challenged by emerging factors that are shaping how organizations are being envisioned, structured and managed. The technological innovations, including unified communication, social media and cloud computing, amongst others haven’t only challenged the way we communicate and collaborate together, but to great extend how the business is being structured and conducted.


Time to market, the ever growing customer appetite for higher and tighter serviceability levels are exerting huge responsibility on management to reshape their organization; to have it more agile, responsive and accommodating.


Last but not least, slower than expected global economic recovery and regional political turbulence aren’t helping either to devise sustainable and long term strategies that are sound and viable to shareholders. All above have come with new set of opportunities and mandates to the new generation of leadership who are expected to think and act faster than ever before. It’s no more about doing things right rather than doing the right things, on time and every time.


It may be inspiring to know that I have named our company “Avenues” to reflect the infinite routes, dimensions and possibilities that may exist for growing businesses that got the passion and determination to succeed.


Here, where we humbly put our intellectual assets, expertise and excellence in the hands of our valuable clients to assist them strategize their plans, seize new opportunities and stay ahead of competition in the way they manage and carry out their businesses.  

I take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence in our services and for sharing your business inspiration with us. Our passion to play a role in your success remains the heartbeat of our existence and continuity ahead. Let’s reshape future together!